eHealth takes off

In this tenth edition of “u”, the u-blox technology magazine, we delve into a particularly timely topic: the global healthcare sector and the potential that wireless technologies and the Internet of Things have to give it a facelift that is both vitally important and long overdue.

Quick facts

The eHealth revolution: Vitally important, long overdue

Without extensively digitizing our healthcare systems, meeting growing demand – sustainably - will remain out of reach.


Flattening the curve

How secure and reliable wireless technology can bring relief in this and future pandemics.


When logistics saves lives

In the healthcare and medical sectors, the quality of logistics can spell the difference between life and death.

Listen to William Saltzstein, President and Founder of Code Blue Consulting, and Pelle Svensson, Market Development Manager, Product Center Short Range Radio at u-blox discuss the past, present and future of eHealth.