Cellular connectivity offering


In terms of long-range cellular communication, most high-end passenger cars will use 5G technology, while there will still be mid- to low-end passenger cars or other segments such as trucks that will keep relying on 4G/LTE as their main cellular technology for coming years.

u-blox strengths

  • Low category (Cat 4, Cat 1, Cat M and NB-IOT) and capability modules, as well as chipsets offering appropriate and affordable data rates
  • Longevity based on long-lasting technology and LTE categories
  • IP protection¬†
  • Solid module roadmap based on u-blox chipsets and worldwide leader chipset supplier
  • Extensive certifications coverage (all regulatory certifications plus leading MNO certifications)
  • 100% module functional testing at production line; qualification according to AEC-Q104
  • Manufactured at ISO 9001 / 14001 certified production site
infographics presenting u-blox strengths in om telematics for cellular

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