Case studies

Yupiteru enhanced radar detector

Industry’s first car radar detector and geographic information system based on Japan’s QZSS satellite service


Established in 1970, Yupiteru is a Japanese company manufacturing radios, radars, telecommunications, car electronics, and security equipment. It is the leading radar detector company in Japan.

Given the intricacy of the road system in a metropolis such as Tokyo, Yupiteru needed an accurate QZSS satellite receiver technology to complement its radar detection system.

Global positioning technology
u‑blox achieved an industry first by providing advanced QZSS satellite positioning technology to Yupiteru.

Based on u‑blox’s QZSS‑enabled LEA‑6H satellite receiver module, Yupiteru’s GWR73SD radar detector with touchscreen provides enhanced positioning performance and radar detection, plus vehicle diagnostic capabilities.

“u‑blox’s quick time to market with QZSS receiver technology allowed us to be the first on the market with a highly accurate, highly reliable positioning device that already capitalizes on the first QZSS satellite in service” said Mr. Atsushi Ishibashi, responsible for marketing at Yupiteru, “The GWR73SD is particularly attractive for drivers in urban environments in Japan where GPS satellites can be blocked by tall buildings.”

QZSS, or “Quasi‑Zenith Satellite System”, is a new GPS augmentation system supporting Japan and Southeast Asia based on high‑elevation, quasi‑zenith satellites. The system can boost GPS accuracy to below one meter, especially in urban canyons such as in Tokyo, because the satellites are geostationary in the sky directly overhead in Japan. The first QZSS satellite has been in service since 2011.

Performance of QZSS navigation systems will continue to improve as the 4 satellite configuration reaches completion in the late 2010s.

Download the Yupiteru customer story (PDF, english)