01 Jan 2020

Optimizing for low-power IoT part 3

How do you make a long-life, battery-powered IoT device? Diego Castillo from Versa Design gives us the lowdown on the anatomy of a long-life IoT tracker.

LPWA optimisation video

Anatomy of a long-life tracker

When choosing to develop a battery-powered LPWA device, the design considerations have to be based on a considerable level of variables. Battery technology, radio module selection, MCU and sensors, and then network availability. And that’s before you have to consider the geographic spread, environmental considerations, casing design, cost of BOM, and country certification.

So, even taking all these things into consideration, are there any more stages to go through before you can successfully deploy your device?

In this video, IoT specialist Diego Castillo from Versa Design pulls together the ‘Optimising for Low Power IoT’ section together with ‘Anatomy of a long life tracker,’ explaining the design considerations around the VTrack device that this company has brought to market.

Bring your LPWA devices to life

u-blox recently held its first developer event called in>flow.

Hosted at the Tobacco Theatre, Amsterdam in October, in>flow was designed to present and promote current & future trends in IoT.

The aim was to create a community of experienced, forward-thinking IoT practitioners. It became a powerful forum where advances in current and future IoT technology were put forward and considered, alliances made, working case studies discussed, and a working community in IoT was formed.

This event was presented to device manufacturers, IoT Platform developers, system integrators, and IoT consultants or anyone involved in digital transformation using the concept of industry 4.0 as a model to drive:

  • IoT connectivity
  • IoT strategy
  • IoT applications
  • Harnessing new radio technology
  • Automation
  • Real-time data
  • Device to application management
  • Device design and manufacture.


Diego Castillo - Versa Design

Above: Diego Castillo pulls together all the elements of consideration when designing an IoT device


Versa Design logo

Subjects covered by Versa Design in this video:

  • Where do you start?
  • New product brainstorming
  • IoT design targets
  • What technical choices need to be made when considering an IoT device?
  • How to select the right battery for your device?
  • How do we approach enclosure design?
  • How many tests do you need to go through before production?

Download the Versa Design, Anatomy of a long life tracker presentation

Bring your LPWA devices to life

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