01 Jan 2020

Beyond dashboards – part 1: the smart edge

Kai Hackbarth, (Bosch Software) – talks about ‘The Smart Edge’. Not all devices need to send all of their data to the cloud.

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There are a growing number of IoT platforms connecting myriad domains via a staggering number of devices. Complexity is increasing due to the fact that domains are merging. Device abstraction can only take away some of the complexity.

Forced interoperability is a solution to this challenging problem no matter what kind of technology you have; be that open source, proprietary, or standards-based.

In this video, Kia Hackbarth, technology evangelist from Bosch Software Innovations, takes us through how they are driving digital transformation with the Bosch IoT Suite as an aid to industry standardization.

Bring your LPWA devices to life

u-blox recently held its first developer event called in>flow.

Hosted at the Tobacco Theatre, Amsterdam in October, in>flow was designed to present and promote current & future trends in IoT.

The aim was to create a community of experienced, forward-thinking IoT practitioners. It became a powerful forum where advances in current and future IoT technology were put forward and considered, alliances made, working case studies discussed, and a working community in IoT was formed.

This event was presented to device manufacturers, IoT Platform developers, system integrators, and IoT consultants or anyone involved in digital transformation using the concept of industry 4.0 as a model to drive:

  • IoT connectivity
  • IoT strategy
  • IoT applications
  • Harnessing new radio technology
  • Automation
  • Real-time data
  • Device-to-application management
  • Device design and manufacture

Kai Hackbarth presents The Smart Edge for IoT

Above: Kai Hackbarth from Bosch discusses the power of EDGE computing/analytics on a device.

Subjects covered by Kai in this video:

  • Platforms and ecosystems
  • The internet of things landscape
  • Why are sensors so important?
  • Connectivity in numbers
  • Driving digital transformation
  • Ready-to-use patterns for device connectivity
  • Industry standards
  • Advantages of using gateways in IoT
  • Device management and edge computing

For more information on how u-blox can help you bring intelligence to the edge, get in touch.

Download ‘The Smart Edge’ presentation from Bosch

Bring your LPWA devices to life

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