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The strength of our company lies in its people, technology, and vision.

u-blox was born 26 years ago from the ideas of four Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH)
pioneering engineers, who anticipated a revolution that is now transforming the automotive industry.

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Thirst for innovation

At the core of our company, you will find
engineers with one quality in common:
a thirst for innovation.

Engineers who always search to be one step ahead of the game, foreseeing the coming trends that lead the way to the vehicles of the future. Functionality and accuracy are our compasses in this journey. u-blox develops flexible solutions according to use cases’ accuracy levels and safety requirements, always considering trend architectures.

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Our solutions

Our integrated solutions combine chips
and modules with augmentation services.

We deliver reliable positioning, wireless cellular, and short-range solutions for vehicle autonomy and the demands of current and future infotainment systems.

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Use cases

u-blox use cases fall under the umbrella of the five Advanced
Driver Assistance Systems defined by the automotive industry.

We focus on positioning, integrity, and functional safety,
always considering the needs of customers and applications.
Our current efforts are oriented towards:

a car driving on a highway with correction line support turn on


Increasing the operation domain for Lane Keep Assistance ultimately translates into driving with your hands off the wheel, but your eyes must remain focused.


Discover our ADAS solutions
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Solving challenges related to geofencing, high-speed automated driving, and autonomous driving for vehicles in traffic jams will take our engineers to witness the autopilot breakthrough.


Discover our OEM Telematics solutions
full autonomous driving car with driver’s hands off the steering wheel

ADL4 and ADL5

Moving autonomously without a driver or any human supervision requires orchestrating better localization functions with sensors.


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