Telematics box (eCall / ERA-GLONASS / SVT):

Beginning in 2018, eCall will be a mandatory feature for each new car sold in the European Union. Simply combining an LTE Cat4 smart-modem (e.g. TOBY-L2) with an automotive dead reckoning positioning module (e.g. NEO-M8L) yields a fully functional telematics/eCall system. It makes use of GNSS tunneling, which is included on all cellular u-blox modules. The same system also enables the Russian ERA-GLONASS emergency response system and can be used for other core services, such as stolen vehicle recovery and remote diagnostics.

Vehicle to ecosystem communication (V2x):

In preparation for self-driving cars and vehicle-to-environment communication, this solution enables a car to directly communicate with a nearby hotspot or another car, and quickly exchange information. By using a THEO-P1 802.11p module and an automotive dead reckoning positioning product (e.g. NEO-M8L) it is possible to optimize traffic during rush hour and even avoid crashes.

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