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Whether its at home, on the farm, in the factory, or far above the ground, satellite-based positioning, wireless communication, and location and communication services are advancing robot autonomy, benefiting consumers, businesses, and the environment.
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Cutting-edge accuracy

Our wireless connectivity and high precision GNSS technology is powering the next generation of autonomous lawnmowers.


There's more to the technology than a perfectly trimmed lawn. The cutting-edge accuracy it delivers is already being applied to autonomous mobile robots, shared micromobility, and countless other applications.


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Pinpoint precision

Our wireless connectivity and high precision GNSS technology is transforming the agriculture industry. Welcome to the world of autonomous tractors and heavy vehicles.


On farms, straight lines save resources. Improved pass-to-pass accuracy increase crop yields and reduce consumption of pesticides, fertilizer, and seeds. Heavy machine automation and guidance prevents accidents, protects critical infrastructure, and keeps workers out of harm’s way.


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Agile performance

Our RTK GNSS technology is revolutionizing drone performance in commercial inspection and monitoring.


Ultra-fast deployment, precisely geotagged imagery, and safe remote operation: When it comes to inspecting critical infrastructure, monitoring construction works, or managing disaster sites, high-precision drones are redefining customer expectations.


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