16 Feb 2018

UDR - Untethered Dead Reckoning

UDR (Untethered Dead Reckoning) refers to GNSS data fused with inertial sensor data. It is an easy-to-use and competitive solution that enables high positioning performance in places where GNSS signals are poor or not available.

Both the first mount and after-market sectors of the automotive industry have benefited from our extensive investments in GNSS dead reckoning technology. Building on our extensive experience in conventional dead reckoning, we have developed our innovative untethered dead reckoning solution. UDR blends GNSS signals and inertial sensors, such as the accelerometer and gyroscope, to provide accurate positioning performance under weak GNSS conditions without the need to connect to the vehicle network.

Read the white paper or watch a full webinar about UDR:


  • World’s first and smallest untethered dead reckoning GNSS solution
  • Independent of any electrical connection to the car
  • Leading performance under poor signal conditions
  • Real‑time positioning update rates up to 20 Hz
  • Low cost of ownership, ideal for high volume projects
  • Sensor data available for third party applications

UDR enables reliable positioning even in case of GNSS signal interruptions, jamming, or reflected or weak signals and is independent of any connection to the car, other than power.


Check out our recent use case

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