White paper


27 May 2021

Future-proofing EV charging solutions with wireless connectivity

The EV charging market is booming as a growing number of individuals and businesses are opting for electric vehicles (EVs) for their reduced environmental impact, low operation and maintenance costs, and, crucially, monetary and non-monetary subsidies.

This white paper provides an overview of the wireless connectivity technologies that can be used to enable and control the EV charging process and offers recommendations on their implementation into successful solutions.

Wireless connectivity for EV charging solutions white paper

Download our white paper on "Future-proofing EV charging solutions with wireless connectivity” to learn about:

  • The EV charging market landscape
  • Technologies and standards in EV charging
  • The role of wireless communication in EV charging
  • Points to consider when deploying wireless technologies in the charging station and the EV
  • u-blox connectivity solutions