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u-blox RTK application board package


  • Based on u‑blox NEO-M8P-2 module
  • Application board for professional prototyping
  • Easy integration of RTK high accuracy solutions
  • Base and rover functionality
  • Integrated radio link
u-blox C94 high precsion evaluation board

    Product variants


    China (433 MHz)


    USA and Canada (915 MHz)


    Europe (433 MHz)


    Japan (920 MHz)

    The C94-M8P application board allows efficient integration and evaluation of NEO-M8P, u‑blox’s M8 high precision positioning module.
    The NEO-M8P module series introduces the concept of a "Rover" and a "Base Station", bringing RTK technology to u‑blox’s product portfolio. By using a data stream from the base station, the rover can output its relative position with stunning cm-level accuracy in
    clear sky environments.
    The C94-M8P application board integrates NEO-M8P-2 module with both base station and rover functionality. The C94-M8P includes a UHF radio link, allowing for easy setup and fast prototyping. The board also provides connector pins for u‑blox C027 and other application boards, enabling communication alternatives using u‑blox cellular and short-range technologies.

    • 2 application boards (both with NEO-M8P-2)
    • 2 external UHF antennas
    • 2 external active GNSS antennas
    • 2 antenna ground planes
    • 2 micro-USB cables
    • Receiver:  NEO-M8P-2 GNSS module with support for both active and passive antennas
    • Radio link:  UHF operation in the license free bands. See product variants.

    C94-M8P board schematic is available on request.