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Why choose u-blox?

What u-blox brings to unmanned vehicles

Unmanned vehicle applications require accurate and secure positions to navigate autonomously and avoid known and unknown obstacles along the way. To achieve this seamlessly – under any conditions – data from multiple navigation sensors have to be combined and interpreted together in a sensor fusion solution.

Location awareness and positioning

As a leader in precision and with 20 years of experience in GNSS positioning technology, u‑blox is well positioned in unmanned vehicles. We have complete ownership of the intellectual property (IP), which give us maximum control over the supply chain. With our NEO-M8P module, we began the break-through in bringing high precision technology to the mass market. Our proven modules are ideal for an economies-of-scale type business model.

Short range and wide area connectivity

u-blox delivers best-in-class short range (Bluetooth and Wi-Fi) and cellular wide area (LTE) technologies tailored to fit the connectivity needs of unmanned vehicles. Our modules offer unmanned vehicles vital wireless connectivity to nearby mobile devices, gateways, and Internet-connected cloud applications. With in-built security features and embedded microcontrollers, we aim to help you reduce product size, speed up time-to-market, and cut system cost.


In everything we do and every product we develop, we ensure that each step encompasses the highest quality components. From industrial grade design to ISO 16949 certified manufacturing, we provide the quality, reliability, and value that you need in your unmanned vehicle applications.


We understand the importance of secure tracking and condition monitoring. Secure, tamper-free operation is what you need. We have implemented the u-blox pillars of secure IoT (including secure boot, interface security, API control, and spoofing/jamming detection) to give you full control.

One supplier

With u-blox as your partner, you get a full portfolio of wireless and positioning technologies to collect data and securely transmit it wirelessly. Since the technologies are designed to work with each other, procuring them from a single source gives you the possibility to seamlessly combine them into your solution.