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Innovation begins with people. At u-blox, we come from a wide variety of different backgrounds and cultures, and we don’t always see things in the same way. This is our strength. By sharing and combining what makes us different, we spark ideas that help us innovate for our customers.


R&D Positioning

Find out what it looks like to work in the fascinating fields of positioning and GNSS technology.


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People cellular

R&D Cellular

Explore how we address open challenges in cellular IoT connectivity technology and where you might fit in.


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Join out SHO team!

R&D Short Range

Discover what it's like to develop Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and indoor positioning solutions that stand out as part of our short range R&D team


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Join the services team!

R&D Services

Get to know our services team and see how our people are involved in transforming smart ideas into tangible customer benefits.


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Discover the people behind the technology

Meet Cairong

The devil is in the details – one minute, everything’s running smoothly. And the next, it’s gridlock. That is why reliability means everything to Cairong. Quality is non‑negotiable. And stress – it's something our products are designed to handle. Because systems are only as reliable as their weakest link. That’s why we need to be one step ahead. All the time.

Meet Markus

Hardware developer Markus likes to build “things” – whether he’s at work designing a wireless module or at home wirelessly enhancing his DIY outdoor oven. Mechanics, electronics, and software are all part of designing wireless products that meet market requirements without compromising functionality. Curiosity is the driving force both for Markus and the co‑workers he has worked with for 20+ years. Markus has a soft spot for hardware.

Meet Len

Product Manager Len has a passion for wireless, whether at home, on his motorcycle, or at work. Wireless offers Len freedom and new possibilities. At work, we call Len our human wireless hub. He’s constantly connected to our engineers and business developers. And he makes sure that our customers are happy and their needs are met. He sees it as collaborative work at its best. We meet up – to team up.