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Speak up

We are a responsible company, complying with relevant laws and regulations and our Code of Conduct principles. Our success and reputation depends on the behavior of each employee, customer and supplier. Maintaining trust and confidence of our stakeholders is crucial. We encourage our customers and suppliers who have concerns about a (suspected) violation of laws or regulations to speak up.

Speaking up can be difficult. That is why we want a company culture without fear of punishment or unfair treatment for raising non-compliant behavior or situations. We take all reports seriously and handle all concerns raised consistent with the law and our Code of Conduct. Please also read our speak up procedure, where we explain in detail how the process works.


What issues to raise?

In principle, any non-compliant behavior can be raised. The platform identifies topics (bribery, breaches of laws & regulations, etc.), but you can raise other topics as well.

Examples of topics which can be addressed through Speak-up:

  • a u‑blox employee or someone within your organization has accepted or offered bribes.
  • a u‑blox employee or someone within your organization has accepted falsified documents/pricing or contributed to the falsification of documents/pricing.

In case you identified a non-compliant behavior, please use this link to file your input: https://u‑