Evaluation kits for LILY-W1 host-based Wi-Fi modules


  • Full access to all interfaces
  • SDIO card and micro USB connectors
  • Selectable voltage level for power supply and GPIO


  • For evaluation of LILY-W131 module
  • U.FL connectors for external antennas
  • LTE filter integrated on the evaluation board
  • Includes external antenna with RPSMA connector
  • Includes RPSMA to U.FL antenna cable
  • Antenna switch for antenna diversity integrated on the evaluation board


  • For evaluation of LILY-W132 module
  • Antenna and LTE filter integrated on the LILY-W132 module
Short Range

Product variants


Evaluation kit for LILY-W131 Host-based Wi-Fi Single-band Antenna pin


Evaluation kit for LILY-W132 Host-based Wi-Fi Single-band Internal antenna, LTE filter
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The EVK‑LILY‑W1 evaluation kits are used to evaluate the LILY‑W1 series host‑based Wi-Fi modules. The evaluation kits include an evaluation board with full access to all LILY‑W1 interfaces. The evaluation board has an SDIO card connector and USB connector for the host interface, and allows evaluation of the LTE filter and different antenna setups.

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