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Why choose u-blox?

The Swiss army knife for automotive and transport

The automotive and transportation industries are already in the “next big technological battleground,” with plenty of opportunities for hardware, software, and services innovation. How and when we move toward fully autonomous vehicles will be determined by how these first critical steps are managed and implemented. The stakes are high, where mistakes can mean confidence lost or even the loss of lives. Minimizing risk and errors during rapid innovation is critical, as is choosing the right technologies – and the right partners.

Partnership of excellence

u-blox provides the technologies for tomorrow’s connected driving experience. We help in the design of systems through close integration of our portfolio, making it easier for device manufacturers to achieve superior performance. Being the premier source for wireless and positioning technologies, we enable you – our automotive customer – to save resources and achieve faster time-to-market.

Automotive focus

Automotive and transportation industries are required to provide today’s connected users with the connectivity features and services they expect from a modern vehicle in order to remain attractive. We understand your business and your needs like no other supplier of wireless and positioning components since we have been at the core of the automotive industry since day one.

Automotive innovation

We have repeatedly improved the driving experience through groundbreaking technological advances. By investing more than 19% of our sales in research and development, we continue to innovate and lead at the same pace.


Our complete portfolio of automotive connectivity technologies, including ultra-precise positioning with multi-GNSS and multi-band reception, State Space Representation Real‑Time Kinematic (SSR-RTK) with correction data, 3D Automotive Dead Reckoning (ADR), high-speed cellular, short range radio, and vehicle-to-everything (V2X) technologies enables you to meet your new challenges.

We develop new technologies that help you stay ahead of the game.

Long-term component availability

While it should be a given for any automotive supplier, we cannot stress enough that we adhere to the long life-cycles of your markets. With automotive design cycles of three to four years from concept to mass production, we offer long-term availability to our wireless and positioning components. In many of our cellular and positioning products, we also control the core technology via our own chip designs and therefore do not rely on life-cycle lengths of third party suppliers.

Automotive grade quality

Our products are designed for equipment placed in harsh environmental conditions, especially automotive applications, where a device can be subjected to high levels of electromagnetic interference (EMI), bumps, shocks and vibrations, and temperature extremes. Our automotive grade products are designed for use in automotive, transportation, and other mission critical applications, meet industry standard automotive specifications, and are qualified strictly according to ISO 16949, ISO 26262/ AEC‑Q100.


Customers choose u‑blox because we’re highly dependable and competent. In fact, we’re a publicly listed and financially solid company with a strong market presence serving 6000 active customers world‑wide. We have full control over the value chain and product roadmap offering you high product quality, excellent reliability, and environmentally friendly solutions. Further, you can rely on highly competent technical and commercial support from 20 world‑wide locations.