Embedded Conference Scandinavia / m2m summit scandinavia

03 November 2015 at 09:00

Stockholm, Sweden

Embedded Conference Scandinavia / m2m summit scandinavia

Date: 3-4 November 2015

Place: Stockholm, Sweden

Stand: 75

Speech: November 4 at 11-12 on "Internet of Things that really matter" with Mats Andersson, the Senior Director Technology in the Product Center Short Range Radio of u-blox.

Speech abstract: For business critical IoT applications in vehicles, the city and the industry, the solution has to satisfy tough requirements placed on security, robustness, ecosystem, and long-term availability. The inherent value of data in industrial, automotive, infrastructure applications is very high and therefore connectivity devices and networks have to be designed with security and robustness in mind. The presentation covers positioning, cellular and short range radio technologies applied to transfer data from e.g. cars, trucks, buses, point-of-sales terminals, medical equipment into the internet. In this speech, we will examine growth potential, new application possibilities and how to address the unique demands on robust wireless connectivity technology for the Internet of things that really matter

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