Case studies

Xirgo tracking devices

Xirgo needed a high-quality solution that could easily be adapted to changing market conditions.

xingo tracking device

Xirgo Technologies, Inc. in Camarillo, California, is a leading provider of innovative, application-specific products for machine-to-machine vertical markets. Its solutions are used in a range of devices designed for automotive applications, mobile monitoring and control, fleet management, and container and trailer tracking.

Xirgo Technologies’ biggest challenge in its industry is customization. Two customers in the same business might want two totally different solutions and different functions. Each product will use the chips and modules available that will answer all its needs. To successfully meet the needs of each customer, it is therefore necessary to work with suppliers that can easily adapt to changing market conditions, while
guaranteeing quality.

u-blox solutions
u-blox solutions are used for various applications. In the transportation industry, Xirgo uses a u-blox global 3G module for the tracking, monitoring and control of containers for one of the world’s largest container shipping companies. In doing so, it worked closely to support AT&T’s deployment of a global 3G enabled service incorporating a device that can track, monitor and control various functions of refrigerated containers. For a large global transportation company, Xirgo used u-blox LTE and GPS modules in the design of a custom energy harvesting device to monitor the movement and precise location of trailers without a need for an external power source. And for some years, Xirgo has supplied Progressive insurance, one of the largest providers of car insurance in the US, with a device that plugs into a vehicle’s existing OBD port and keeps a precise track of driving habits, including speed and distance travelled. The technology allows Progressive to offer personalized insurance rates to customers who enroll in their usage based insurance.

Xirgo’s customers demand speed, adaptability and quality, and that means the company has to rely on components suppliers who can deliver under the same pressures. “One of the reasons we work with u-blox is that they can meet our expectations regarding turnaround and supply us with products that are either already customized or easy to adapt to a particular customer’s needs,” explains Shawn Aleman, Managing Partner and co-founder of Xirgo in 2005. “Ultimately, u-blox meets all our selection criteria and supplies us with technology that meets all our expectations. They’re easy to work with, get things done and come up with top-quality products that are suitable for different verticals. We’re more than satisfied.”