01 Jan 2020

The power of MQTT & Data Flow Manager

MQTT, MQTT-SN, and the power of the u-blox Thingstream Data Flow Manager. From in>flow 2019


Many IoT projects fail due to unpredictable costs tipping the balance sheets. A major factor of this and one of the biggest contributors to the cost per device simply boils down to the amount of data being transmitted. This cost can be mitigated, at least in part, by choosing an efficient way of communicating between devices and applications.

Whatever the application, there are many different ways to gather data from and push instructions to devices, and each method brings with it different challenges.

In this video, Innovation and IoT Champion, Dave Locke (IBM Watson), will take us into ‘MQTT at work, best practices’ and give us an overview of MQTT, diving into what makes MQTT-SN special.

Nick Hayes (u-blox), will follow on with ‘Harnessing the power of the MQTT broker’ covering what can be achieved with MQTT topics, the u-blox Thingstream Data Flow Manager, and more.

Bring your LPWA devices to life

u-blox recently held its first developer event called in>flow. Hosted at the Tobacco Theatre, Amsterdam in October, in>flow was designed to present and promote current and future trends in IoT.

The aim was to create a community of experienced, forward-thinking IoT practitioners. It became a powerful forum where advances in current and future IoT technology were put forward and considered, alliances made, working case studies discussed and a working community in IoT was formed.

This event was presented to device manufacturers, IoT Platform developers, system integrators, and IoT consultants or anyone involved in digital transformation using the concept of industry 4.0 as a model to drive:

  • IoT connectivity
  • IoT strategy
  • IoT applications
  • Harnessing new radio technology
  • Automation
  • Real-time data
  • Device to application management
  • Device design and manufacture


Dave Locke IBM explains MQTT

Above: Innovation and IoT Champion  Dave Locke (IBM Watson) explains the power of MQTT and MQTT-SN


IBM Watson logo

Subjects covered by Thingstream in this video:

  • Messaging standards and trends
  • Genesis of MQTT
  • MQTT the protocol
  • MQTT client projects
  • MQTT patterns
  • Coverage for LTE IoT networks
  • MQTT 5.0

Download the IBM Watson presentation

u-blox Nick Hayes explains MQTT data flows

Above: Nick Hayes from u-blox on 'harnessing the power of the MQTT broker' covering what can be achieved with topics and Thingstream flows

Subjects covered by u-blox in this practical demonstration video:

  • How you can use MQTT and MQTT-SN
  • Data workflow tools
  • System topics
  • Flows
  • Metadata
  • Nodes and Premium Extensions
  • Properties
  • Linking with IoT back end systems

Bring your LPWA devices to life

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