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Why choose u-blox?

What u-blox brings to smart home and buildings

Smart homes and connected buildings are booming - now. If you’re a device developer targeting the global market, you need a truly global connectivity partner with a broad and globally certified portfolio of communication solutions. Security, reliability, ease of use, and flexibility are central to ensuring data privacy, accuracy, user uptake, and applicability across geographical markets and technologies.


We understand the importance of end-to-end security. At u-blox, we ensure that data security and data privacy receive attention they deserve. Our u‑blox pillars of secure IoT (including secure boot, interface security, API control, and spoofing/jamming detection) underscore the foundational importance security plays across our product line.


In everything we do and every product we develop, we ensure that each step encompasses the highest quality components. From industrial grade design to ISO 16949 certified manufacturing, we provide the quality, reliability, and value that you need in your smart home and buildings applications.

Short range, and wide area cellular connectivity

Our range of wireless communication modules, which leverage Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology, wide area cellular, and low power wide area (LPWA) technologies are certified for use on in all major markets.

Designed for smart applications

Because they rely on standardized and open communication technologies, our modules are easy to integrate into existing systems and are ideal for the development of cross-vertical in-building solutions.

Over a decade of market leadership in GNSS positioning

More than ten years of market leadership in GNSS have strengthened our reputation, grown our network of partners and customers, and left us with industry-hardened R&D, product design, and sales and support capacities that are directly applicable to smart home and commercial building technology.

Full portfolio

Our full range of chips and modules offer cellular, short range radio, and positioning technologies that meet the needs of smart home and buildings applications.