Precision agriculture

Leverage high precision positioning and cloud connectivity to increase agricultural productivity and protect the environment.


On farms, high precision automated guided tractors support farmers tilling fields, planting seeds, spraying fertilizers and pesticides, and harvesting crops.

Improved pass-to-pass accuracy optimizes the consumption of agricultural inputs and reduces soil compaction, protecting the environment.

Analyzing sensed telematics data in real-time paves the way for predictive maintenance of essential agricultural equipment, increasing safety and reducing costly downtime to a minimum.

Meanwhile, distributed environmental sensors and livestock trackers feed real-time dashboards and provide valuable decision-making support.

Benefits of u-blox solutions in precision agriculture.

u-blox technology enables the development of high-performance, globally available precision agriculture solutions.

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Use cases for precison agriculture


Increasing pass-to-pass accuracy for tractors leads to overall efficiency gains with increased productivity, reduced need for pesticides, fertilizers, and other inputs, and reduced emissions.


Leverage aftermarket telematics solutions to enable preventive maintenance, track and trace, asset management, and post-sale telematics by OEMs.

Remote vehicle control

With remote vehicle control, agricultural vehicles such as sprayers can operate unmanned for increased operator safety or even be piloted from a distance (remote work).


Mapping and surveying drones are already used in agricultural settings to assess the growth and irrigation status of crops, detect weeds, crop diseases, and pests early on, and gather data for crop planning.

Solution architectures for precision agriculture


Highlighted offering for precision agriculture

u-blox service offering for smart farming

u-blox support tools for precision agriculture

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Our experts are here to answer your questions about u-blox offerings for precision agriculture.

Contact us and we'll be in touch as soon as possible: