Industrial automation

Empowering smart manufacturing
through industrial automation

Industrial automation is driving the manufacturing landscape forward, supported by a rapidly evolving digital transformation. Leveraging this digital shift is essential to staying competitive and thriving in the Industry 4.0 era.

In this context, it’s crucial that industrial IoT solutions not only benefit individual workers but also contribute to the overall improvement of smart factories, manufacturing plants, and construction sites. Comprehensive connectivity can benefit various facets of smart, digital, and automated manufacturing.

Industry 4.0 encompasses a holistic approach to digitizing the entire production process, spanning from the acquisition of raw materials to product delivery. This approach optimizes resource efficiency, resulting in a higher degree of individualization. Taking into account the present while keeping an eye on the future, several application areas require careful consideration.

Key use cases in industrial automation & monitoring

Connected tools

Connected tools are vital for site optimization and worker safety. They provide tool management transparency, track usage, and offer job site solutions for efficient planning. Real-time monitoring, detailed usage analysis, and predictive maintenance contribute to higher operational efficiency.

Predictive maintenance

Predicting how machines and devices react to stimuli is essential for keeping the production line running. Supported by real-time sensor measurements and AI, predictive maintenance is a solid ally for assessing the condition and performance of your assets before any failure occurs.  

Safe connected worker

The most critical assets for the industry are its employees, and using the available technology to guarantee their safety is paramount. Monitoring the location and status of employees through wearable sensors and mobile devices can help achieve this goal.  

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