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ALEX-R5, Security-as-a-Service, Award

IoT Evolution Winner of the 2021 Industrial IoT Product of the Year Award

ALEX-R5 LTE-M SiP module with IoT Security-as-a-Service

CloudLocate, truck,

CloudLocate: Positioning in the cloud

Offloading location calculations uses 90% less energy than onboard GNSS Read more

MAYA-W1, solar_pannel

MAYA-W1 - Bluetooth 5 and dual-band Wi-Fi 4 in a single miniature component

The module serves professional and consumer market segments, including energy management, e.g., solar power converters and electric vehicle charging stations, and more... Read more

drone transporting medicine

Annual Report 2020

If anything, the pandemic has bolstered the case for connected technology, driving up adoption rates the world over, as people have sought out contactless experiences that do not leave them isolated: remote work, online medical consultations, virtual events, online shopping, micromobility, and the list goes on. Read more

ALEX-R5, Cellular, module

隆重推出 ALEX-R5

我们的最新款蜂窝模块,采用超小型 SiP 封装,融 LTE-M/NB-IoT 通信与出色定位技术于一身。


精准定位,奋战 2021

虽然 COVID-19 疫情在去年严重打击了全球市场,但是它反而强化了我们的独特产品。

ehealth magazine


在第十期 u-blox 技术杂志《u》中,我们探讨了一个特别及时的话题:全球医疗保健行业以及无线技术和物联网必须对其进行极其重要且姗姗来迟的改造的潜力。

Forest with a street


物联网可为更具可持续性的世界做出呈指数级增长的贡献。了解 u-blox 正在做什么。 Read more