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Easy provisioning to the AWS cloud via Wi-Fi and LTE-M

Amazon Web Services (AWS) at your fingertips with the NORA-W2 and SARA-R5 AWS IoT ExpressLink modules, via Wi-Fi and LTE-M connectivity. Read more


Centimeter-level positioning accuracy within seconds

The upgraded ZED-F9P and new u-blox correction service receivers offer unprecedented flexibility in building scalable solutions for robotic lawnmowers, unmanned autonomous vehicles (UAV), automated machinery, and more. Read more

NEO-M9V - main banner

NEO-M9V: UDR and ADR combined

A perfect fit for fleet management and micromobility applications that need reliable meter-level positioning accuracy - even in city centers. Read more


MQTT Flex: Network agnostic IoT communication

MQTT Flex service offers a “Bring Your Own SIM” strategy that enables users to take advantage of MQTT communication without the operational, logistical, or cost impact of changing their mobile network operator. Read more

Anna B4 - our smallest Bluetooth module


超小型 SiP(系统级封装)模块,采用带寻向功能的蓝牙 LE 5.1、Mesh 和远距离通信、以及 Thread 和 Zigbee。凭借其 SIP 设计、集成天线和高达 105 °C 的工作温度,ANNA-B4 是恶劣环境应用的理想之选。 Read more

Introduction to Bluetooth high precision indoor positioning


我们最新的白皮书介绍了蓝牙高精度室内定位,探讨了实施解决方案所需的条件,并介绍了在工业仓库中试用该技术的经验教训。 Read more


u-center 2:可定制、直观、易于使用

下一代 u-center 通过个性化工作区和自适应窗口元素提供优化的用户体验。 Read more



"我们公布了2021年的半年业绩,各区域业绩都稳步增长。点击查看2021年的半年报告"。Thomas Seiler Read more