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亲爱的候选人,u-blox 的业务不断增长,我们期待您的回复!

 鉴于 Covid-19 病毒的当前形势,为确保您的健康以及我们员工的健康,我们调整了招聘流程,将尽可能对受影响国家/地区的职位进行视频面试。我们的视频面试在 Skype 上进行。因此,当我们邀请您与招聘团队进行网上会面时,需要您提供您的 Skype ID。




Why work for u-blox?

Driven by innovation

From a Swiss unicorn to a global stock listed company, innovation has always been part of our DNA. With our 17 research and development (R&D) centers, we are committed to staying at the forefront of technology and to offer a fascinating and forward-thinking working environment to all our talents. 

Collaboration & diversity

Our diversity makes us strong. Our way of working is based on collaboration, respect, and trust. We focus on outcomes and can count on our colleagues from around the world to develop new ideas and help solve our challenges.

Learning organisation

We offer everyone at u-blox an environment where they can expand their knowledge and follow the path that suits them best, focusing on their individual goals. All our employees have regular career development discussions with their line managers and access to a broad training offering, including unique in-house courses.

Sharing success

We value open communication and transparently share ongoing activities, progress toward our goals, and challenges the company is facing. Our financial benefits are based on a profit-sharing approach, recognizing that collaboration is the key to our success. And because sharing success also means celebrating, we do plenty of that during our summer and Christmas parties!

Together for a sustainable world

We are committed to our sustainability strategy, focusing on business ethics, environmental and supply chain responsibility, diversity and inclusiveness, and community charity work. Many of our community initiatives were spawned thanks to the engagement of our people. Our corporate uGive program encourages employees to volunteer in charitable organizations.

Our values: Innovative. Reliable. Restless.

Our values define what we believe in and how we behave. Innovative, because we push the boundaries of what technology can enable. Reliable, because trust and teamwork are vital for delivering excellence to our customers. Restless, because we are always looking to do more and be better.


人是创新的源泉。在 u-blox,我们拥有不同的文化背景,我们并不总是以同样的方式看待事物。这是我们的优势。通过分享和融合成就我们的诸多优势,让团队迸发灵感并为客户提供创新的解决方案。