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u‑blox 可提供全套的定位、无线通信和数据管理解决方案组合,以支持构建安全、低维护和通过全球认证的资产追踪和供应链管理解决方案,从而提高您的运营效率、节省成本并保证客户满意度。


  • 实时可视化处于静止和运输中状态的被跟踪资产的位置
  • 通过对高价值、易腐烂和易损货物的持续数据收集和监控来提高质量
  • 改进时间敏感型物流的库存计划
  • 检测盗窃、损害和运营效率低下的情况,以优化供应链流程
  • 自动化供应链流程,包括装载/卸载和清关



What is IoT asset tracking?

IoT asset tracking combines sensing and positioning technologies, cellular and short range wireless communication, and the cloud to offer businesses a reliable way to keep tabs on their moving assets throughout their entire lifecycle. From the shipments of raw materials used in manufacturing all the way to finished products deployed anywhere on the globe.

What about livestock, pets, and wild animals? Use IoT asset trackers to keep tabs on them too!

Benefits of IoT asset tracking

Gain real-time visibility on the location of tracked assets at rest and in transit

IoT asset tracking systems and real-time location systems (RTLS) use a range of technologies to reliably locate moving assets and securely present the data on the cloud, offering businesses maximum transparency and peace of mind.  

Tailor solutions to the specific needs of your IoT tracking use case with the right combination of positioning hardware and location services, whether it’s low power, minimal size, or maximum accuracy.


Increase quality through continuous data collection and monitoring of high-value, perishable, and sensitive goods

Leverage IoT asset monitoring to ensure that perishables and sensitive goods reach their destination undamaged and unspoiled.

Reliably transfer data to the cloud with minimal overhead – even on a tight power budget – with communication services tailored to the needs of the IoT based on a reliable, robust, and secure messaging protocol like MQTT.


Improve inventory planning for time-sensitive logistics

Reduce uncertainty in inventory management with IoT asset tracking to reliably meet service level agreements for time-sensitive logistics and keep customers smiling.


Detect theft, tampering, and operational inefficiencies to optimize supply chain flow

Adopt IoT asset monitoring solutions to nip disruptions to the supply chain in the bud and keep the assets flowing smoothly. Catch and address systemic issues when and where they arise to increase the efficiency throughout the logistics network.


Automate supply chain processes including loading/unloading and custom clearance

Take advantage of secure cloud connectivity to automate supply chain processes, saving time, money, and personnel requirements.

Lean on security services designed for the IoT to verify the authenticity of processed assets and keep malicious actors at bay.

Industrial asset tracking solutions

When it comes to IoT asset tracking solutions, there is no silver bullet. With applications covering a vast array of use cases, each subject to diverse technological and operational requirements, solutions need to optimally balance competing constraints in terms of

  • cost,
  • size,
  • power,
  • coverage,
  • accuracy,
  • security, etc.

Click on the links below to explore four application areas, their specific needs, and the hardware required to implement solutions.

IoT asset tracking for maritime cargo monitoring


通过结合 GPS 定位与蜂窝通信和卫星通信,实现公路、铁路和海运拖车和货物集装箱的超低功耗位置跟踪。

A truck driver using IoT asset tracking to check the temperature in the cooling track



IoT asset tracking keeps tabs on containers in ports


使用室内和室外定位、蜂窝通信、摄像头和 ISM 射频技术在码头、物流枢纽和仓库中监控集装箱、托盘和资产。

IoT asset tracking for indoor applications

Indoor positioning solutions

Indoor positioning solutions take IoT asset tracking beyond the reach of GPS signals, enabling a variety of industrial tracking applications, in warehouses, factories, and underground.

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