09 Jan 2022


自动驾驶、主动交通安全、先进的警告系统、集体感知和先进的驾驶协调能力 – 均是当今汽车制造商的流行语。但是实际上是什么让这一切成为现实?而且,该技术的可靠性如何?



显而易见,车辆需要配备其他技术才能安全地启用先进的汽车应用。V2X 最初的设计用途就是为了解决上述挑战,因此该技术就成了破解难题的理想之选。

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The benefits 

  1. Enhanced safety - it enables real-time communication, reducing the risk of accidents through collision warnings or as part of the autonomous driving sensing capability. 

  1. Traffic efficiency - traffic flow optimization is achieved through the sharing of live traffic data, the optimization of intersection crossings, and the facilitation of highly packed platoons, among other strategies. 

  1. Environmental benefits - reducing fuel consumption and emissions by optimizing traffic flow and reducing congestion. 

  2. Pedestrian safety - providing warnings to vehicles about their presence and enhancing overall road safety. 

The future of V2X 

The future of V2X holds tremendous promise for continuously improving safety and traffic efficiency in dense urban environments through a cooperative approach among vehicles. However, it requires a trustworthy framework, achievable through the use of safety and integrity concepts. 

What does u-blox offer for V2X? 

u-blox offers positioning solutions adapted to the V2X technology: 

  • Submeter level accuracy solutions meeting the requirements for initial use cases involving situational awareness. Confidence information is consistently available as the first step to provide secure information to other vehicles or the infrastructure. 

  • High precision solutions for use cases that require lane level accuracy. This requires specific correction services to achieve decimeter-level accuracy. 

  • u-safe - a high integrity and safe solution for enhanced security, comprised of the u-blox PointSafe positioning service and A9 hardware.

Why choose u-blox? 

  1. Proven expertise - u-blox has a track record of providing reliable cellular communication and positioning solutions

  1. Comprehensive product portfolio - u-blox offers a wide range of modules and chipsets, catering to diverse requirements and ensuring compatibility with different communication standards. 

  1. Global support - u-blox's global presence guarantees ongoing support for the seamless integration of V2X solutions in the automotive telematics market. 

  1. Enhanced security - To achieve precise positioning accuracy, it's crucial to establish secure and trustworthy relationships between entities sharing the data, emphasizing the need for a dependable framework that prioritizes safety and integrity. 


V2X communication is poised to revolutionize the automotive industry, fostering a safer, more efficient, and interconnected mobility ecosystem. 

While challenges exist, the potential benefits in terms of safety, efficiency, and environmental impact make V2X a crucial technology for the future of smart transportation. 

As the industry continues to evolve, u-blox stands out as a reliable partner, offering cutting-edge solutions for building robust and effective V2X communication systems. 

As we develop more intelligent transportation systems for smart cities, V2X is important for creating safer roads, smoother traffic, and a connected transportation experience. 

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