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Transportation today faces a multi-dimensional problem. Key stakeholders, whether governmental agencies, traffic operation owners, automakers, or the industry are under constant pressure to deliver innovative ways to make transportation safer, more environmentally friendly, more efficient for people and goods, and a more enjoyable experience for the end user.

Striving to achieve these goals has been at the focus of the industry and led to groundbreaking technologies that are used in today’s vehicles: lidars, radars, cameras, ultrasound... A common property of these sensors is that operate only in situations in which other vehicles are within line of sight. Additionally, some of them see their performance decline in adverse weather conditions with poor visibility, or are limited in range.

It becomes obvious that vehicles need to be equipped with another technology to safely enable advanced automotive applications. V2X is a technology that has been designed from day one to address the aforementioned challenges, which makes it the ideal technology to complete the puzzle.






V2X的基础通信技术基于IEEE 802.11p标准设计,该标准规定了传统Wi-Fi的增强功能,对低延迟、非视距和长距离连接进行了优化。

V2X采用设计精良的安全和验证框架,不仅可以防止恶意攻击,还能满足相关应用程序所要求的严苛延迟限制。V2X采用了u‑blox UBX-P3芯片和VERA P1模块,且用于基础设施和车辆的汽车级V2X芯片和模块符合美国和欧洲的WAVE和ETSI ITS标准。即使通信距离超过1公里,并行双通道通信和单通道802.11p多样运行也可实现优质通讯。