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Innovation begins with people. At u-blox, we come from a wide variety of different backgrounds and cultures, and we don’t always see things in the same way. This is our strength. By sharing and combining what makes us different, we spark ideas that help us innovate for our customers. Meet our people.
Sylvia Lu

Sylvia Lu

Senior Engineer, Cellular Technology
"I joined u‑blox seven years ago. I feel excited to be part of this dynamic and diverse environment in which I can use my competencies and at the same time be challenged to create innovative solutions for the next generation wireless systems. Being able to play a part in developing technologies and standards that will ultimately end up in products and improve our lives and society makes my job exciting and fulfilling at the same time. I feel truly grateful to be surrounded by inspiring role models, some of which are incredible women working in tech and woman entrepreneurs. There is so much that still needs to be done to get more women into tech and STEM, and sometimes, just having a mentor to guide you and share their lessons can make all the difference!”

Christian Koehn

Manager Business Supporting IT Services
"I joined u‑blox in 2010 and I was impressed to which extent employees can “be” a company instead of just working for a company. Working at u‑blox became part of my life and goes far beyond a formal contractual relationship. Mutual trust lets you identify with company goals and enables you to fully focus on achieving them. Working within multicultural teams across regions all over the world is exciting and broadens one’s mind to find optimal solutions.
On top of that, the sustainability strategy of u‑blox ensures that not only employees and shareholders participate in the success of the company, but also investments in the environment and social projects are done."

Jennifer Nkire

Key Account Sales Manager
“Company core values are demonstrated every day, it's not just words on the webpage. One reason I joined was the opportunity for professional growth, the management and employees are knowledgeable and are great examples and mentors. It has a truly multi‑cultural, multi‑racial workforce. This diversity makes it a vibrant company in which to work. There is a dynamic, can‑do atmosphere. People are capable and motivated. Good teamwork, all with the same goal. Everyone is respected for their contribution to the success of u‑blox. As a Key Account Sales Manager I enjoy my role because it carries a lot of responsibility and accountability. Also things get done quickly which makes an efficient working environment. There is no gap between senior management and everybody in the team, which creates a great working environment.
The company and its employees have a lot of energy and intelligence and I do genuinely think are often the best in their role in the industry. This makes working in u‑blox a learning experience, which I really value. “
Picture of Yassine Fkih

Yassine Fkih

Associate Engineer Digital IC Development
“It is a real satisfaction for me to work at u‑blox not only at the technical level where I work with highly skilled colleagues in the field of the design of integrated circuits but also at the social level where the working environment is particularly great with friendly human relations.”

Zhenlan Cheng

Senior Engineer Algorithms and Signal Processing
"u‑blox is a high‑tech company that invests heavily in R&D to foster innovation. Not only short term projects are conducted, but also long term challenging projects are well managed. Everyone understands what he/she is doing. It’s exciting to see and contribute to the expansion that the company has been experiencing during the past years.
I like my job because I can take part in the whole design process, from innovative ideas to implementation and verification, and finally you know your contribution is a part of the company success."

Urs Frischknecht

Senior Manager Finance
"It’s a particularly interesting experience to work at u‑blox because the company is growing significantly and constantly trying to improve itself. I have the freedom to make the necessary decisions to do my work properly. Colleagues outside my practice area with whom I have contact are generally cooperative. I can generally decide for myself the best way to get my work done."