u-blox F9P high precision GNSS evaluation kit


  • For evaluation of u-blox F9P module high precision features
  • USB (Type-C connector) available for power supply and data transfer
  • Coin battery (not included) for backup power supply
  • 14-pin front connector to access all interfaces
  • Successor kit to the C099-F9P application board

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For evaluation of ZED-F9P-0xB L1/L2 high precision GNSS module


EVK-F9P Evaluation Kit For NEO-F9P or ZED-F9P L1/L5 eval Board version A. (No VRS promo)
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The EVK-F9P evaluation kit allows efficient evaluation of ZED-F9P, the u-blox F9 high precision positioning module.

The ZED-F9P module provides multi-band GNSS positioning and comes with built-in RTK technology providing centimeter level accuracy to users. Augmentation services may be formatted as SPARTN 2.0 or RTCM 3.3.

The evaluation kit relies on the networking capability of the computer running u-center to deliver correction services to the ZED-F9P. Refer to the EVK-F9P User Guide for further details.

u-center is a powerful platform for the evaluation of u-blox GNSS receivers, with which data can be logged as well as visualized in real time. The u-center desktop application contains an NTRIP server/client so that EVK-F9P may serve as a RTCM base or rover. Two evaluation kits are needed to perform both base and rover functions. Alternatively, an MQTT client can stream PPP-RTK corrections using the PointPerfect service.

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