18 October 2022 at 09:00

Essen, Germany

A3. 103


theodolite being used in a field

Visit us at booth #A3.103 to check out some of our latest solutions in GNSS positioning and services. Plan your visit and register now. 


u-blox services 

u-blox services provide an array of solutions for your IoT needs. This year at Intergeo we are proud to present PointPerfect. the u-blox GNSS augmentation service, accurate, reliable, and immediately available. This service answers the fast-growing demand for high precision GNSS solutions including autonomous vehicles such as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), service robots, machinery automation, micro-mobility, and other advanced navigation applications. 

Locate your autonomous machines in real time with centimeter-level accuracy.  


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u-blox positioning products 

Our positioning offering set’s the benchmark in performance, with quick delivery of accurate position data. Allow us to present to you our Ultra-low-power GNSS receiver MAX-M10 Series  for high-performance asset-tracking devices. Our ZED - F9 series brings Centimeter-level accuracy in a small and energy-efficient module.  


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u-blox cellular products

We offer high-quality, scalable, and secure cellular modules for the automotive, industrial, and consumer markets with demanding size, cost, and quality requirements. This year we're presenting the new LENA-R8 series and LARA- R6 modules with global connectivity. 


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u-blox short-range products 

Our short range components and software help you achieve a short time to revenue with efficient use of your own engineering team. Robustness, security, and flexibility are key, with powerful development tools and a global ecosystem of certification and technical support. At Intergeo 2022 you will be able to learn more about our stand-alone NORA multi-radio modules, featuring a powerful wireless MCU combining the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies and offering AWS secure cloud connectivity for your applications.


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u-blox prototyping solutions  

Find our newest prototyping solution XPLR-HPG-2 this year at intergeo. This XPLR kit provides a complete platform for evaluation and prototyping of u-blox's high precision GNSS solution with our PointPerfect GNSS augmentation service. customers can modify code as needed, add functionality, and start developing their own products. 


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About XPLR-HPG-2  

About XPLR-HPG-1