A comprehensive approach to multi-GNSS positioning

u-blox M8 and u-blox 7: two u-blox GNSS platform generations address all market requirements

With the launch of the new u-blox M8 semiconductor platform, u-blox once again establishes its leadership in embedded global satellite positioning. Combining advanced chip technology, sophisticated software algorithms, true concurrent GNSS satellite reception and multi GNSS aiding services, u-blox M8 sets the new benchmark for navigation and positioning.

u-blox M8 complements our u-blox 7 platform, offering new solution alternatives depending on application needs – whether that be for high performance, low power, or low cost. The two platforms are based on the the UBX-M8030 concurrent-GNSS, and UBX-G7020 single-GNSS chip families. The chips form the basis of u-blox' popular MAX, NEO and LEA GNSS module series (overview of all positioning products).

u-blox M8: high performance positioning

u-blox M8 acquires and tracks two GNSS systems concurrently – default is GPS and GLONASS. Concurrent reception of GPS and BeiDou or even concurrent GLONASS and BeiDou reception can be selected on-the fly. Optimized signal reception circuitry in combination with software algorithms and advanced tracking and search engines capitalize on the quality, and not only the quantity, of satellites used, providing optimal solutions in GNSS hostile environments.

With market leading -167 dBm dynamic sensitivity, 1 second TTFF and 2 meter positioning accuracy, u-blox M8 is the perfect solution for performance critical applications like car navigation, drive recorder or emergency call systems. For such applications, high performance is key.  By utilizing the new u-blox Multi GNSS AssistNow service and local satellite augmentation services  (SBAS, QZSS), u-blox M8 provides even more accurate position information within seconds - virtually anywhere.

u-blox M8 is the first mass produced stand-alone receiver to include BeiDou reception. With the concurrent reception of GPS and BeiDou, a sensitivity of -165 dBm has been achieved, making u-blox M8 the best performing GPS/BeiDou receiver on the market.

All in all, u-blox M8 is the perfect choice for high performance positioning applications, bringing the increased performance of concurrent GNSS reception to practical application. By applying an external SQI flash, u-blox M8 is also future-proof, as firmware updates easily can be made, for example adding Galileo when it becomes fully operational.

u-blox 7: low-power, low-cost positioning

In case of less critical applications requirements where the important key parameters are low power and low cost, u-blox 7 is the perfect answer. u-blox 7 is optimized for low-cost, low-power applications where single-GNSS reception is sufficient. u-blox 7 is one of the lowest power multi-GNSS receiver platform on the market, particularly attractive for small battery powered devices like asset and vehicle tracking boxes. In case of rural or suburban areas, the u-blox 7 single GNSS reception is more than sufficient to provide accurate and reliable positioning information. u-blox 7 supports single reception of either GPS or GLONASS, selectable on start-up by command. 


Both receiver chips come in QFN40 packages in standard and automotive grades. Chip scale packages are also available for commercial applications. u-blox M8 QFN package is pin compatible with u-blox 7 QFN package, and extensive documentation makes migration easy.

All u-blox GNSS products continue to leverage the synergies with our broad portfolio of GSM, UMTS, CDMA and LTE cellular modules to enable location awareness, including support for our unique CellLocate hybrid indoor positioning system.With our comprehensive portfolio of GNSS chips and modules, our goal is simple: to support your product innovation while making it easy to upgrade from one product generation to the next.