R3 Solutions and u-blox

R3 Solutions

R3 Solutions is the market leader in building industrial Wi-Fi-based ultra-reliable low-latency communication (uRLLC) networks. The Berlin-based specialists offer next-to hardware and software solutions, application, and engineering services. Taming wireless networks on the shop floor requires a full view of the entire data networking solution.

Enabled by their NXP partnership and access to firmware, R3’s Software Engineering Services go beyond software services like optimizing standard Wi-Fi drivers. R3 offers the development of custom Wi-Fi firmware to fulfill special requirements and solve challenging issues. The R3 engineers care for efficient operating system integration and support with the migration of drivers to different operating systems and the adaption of drivers to various host systems.

R3 Solutions experts help with planning, bringing-up, operation, and maintenance – from on-site frequency planning to solution sign-off. While developing wireless devices and protocols, R3’s engineers dig deep to optimize wireless performance, make solution elements talk to each other, and offer comprehensive knowledge of software drivers, minimum latency, and optimized system performance.

As a manufacturer of its own URLLC hardware and software, R3 Solutions can provide comprehensive solutions around industrial wireless networks and industrial automation. Its EchoRing-based industrial-grade wireless communication solutions for all applications, including PROFINET, PROFIsafe, Ethernet/IP, and CIP Safety, enable vendors, system integrators, and plant operators to use real-time, high-reliable industrial wireless technology to take the first step toward sustainable digitization and Industry 4.0.