适用于 NORA-B1(采用 open CPU)的评估套件,包括两个 mikroBUS 兼容插座


  • 兼容 Arduino® Uno 扩展板
  • 所有 NORA-B1 模块针脚都适用于连接器
  • 可通过 USB、外部电源或币形电池供电
  • 具有板载调试器硬件和固件
  • 带 nRF Connect SDK 的 Open CPU

Product variants


Mini EVK for NORA-B106 open CPU, Stand-alone Bluetooth Low Energy, PCB antenna, USB


Mini EVK for NORA-B126 open CPU, Stand-alone Bluetooth Low Energy, PCB antenna, USB
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The MINI-NORA-B1 evaluation kit provides stand-alone use of the NORA-B1 series module featuring the Nordic Semiconductor nRF5340 dual-core RF System on Chip (SoC).

The evaluation kit provides a great starting point for almost any Bluetooth® 5.2 Low Energy (LE), Thread, or Zigbee project. All features of the NORA-B1 series modules are easily accessed from the evaluation board. A USB connection provides power, and virtual COM ports. Another USB connector provides power and connection to the NORA-B1 USB peripheral feature. Two user buttons are also available, as well as a user RGB-LED, 64 Mbit external flash memory, and a reset button. All GPIO signals are available on the two mikroBUS form factor compatible sockets, or the 2.54 mm pitch holes/headers. This allows easy use of mikroBUS add-on boards. I2C sensors can easily be connected via the Qwiic system connector. Current sense resistors allow for measuring current into the module and into the shield. An external debugger can be connected to the 2x5 on 1.27mm center connector (Arm CoreSight 10 style) or the TagConnect TC2030-CTX-NL style connector.

For evaluation of the NORA-B1 module with external antenna, and/or evaluation with a board compatible with Arduino UNO shields, see the EVK-NORA-B1 evaluation kit. The EVK-NORA-B1 also provides an on-board debugger.

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