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  • 结合无线调制解调器模块与 MAX‑7Q GNSS 接收机模块
  • 支持 LISA‑C200 CDMA 1xRTT、LISA‑U200 W‑CDMA 和 SARA‑G350 GSM/GPRS 模块
  • C16‑U20‑00S:7Layers 认证 PTCRB
  • 100% SMD 解决方案
C16 development board










    The C16‑C20/U20/G35 wireless and GNSS application board with integrated antennas is a complete and integrated solution for telematics applications such as fleet management, asset tracking, road pricing, and security/surveillance. It demonstrates the integration of u‑blox’ MAX‑7 GNSS receiver with a u‑blox wireless module. Utilizing the u‑blox nested design concept, it provides the option to embed either a LISA‑C200 CDMA, LISA‑U200 W‑CDMA, or SARA‑G350 GSM/GPRS module. This application board supports full access to the MAX‑7Q GNSS module via the wireless module. Thus wireless and GNSS functionality can be controlled through a single serial port from any host processor. Direct access to the GNSS and wireless modules is also available via two mini USB connectors. The high performance u‑blox 7 GNSS engine enables navigation even in weak signal environments. Application boards are intended to assist system integrators to develop their own end products quickly with fast time‑to‑market. On request, u‑blox provides comprehensive technical documentation including schematics, layouts, BOM and design recommendations. Note: this board is available to customers in North America only.

    The 78 x 55 mm board (x 12 mm with connectors) includes:

    • Cellular module (LISA‑C200/LISA‑U200/SARA‑G350)
    • MAX‑7Q GNSS module
    • 25 x 25 mm ceramnic patch GNSS antenna
    • Hexaband cellular SMT antenna
    • Connectors: coaxial power jack, 16‑pin DIL header, 2 mini USB ports

    To receive schematics, gerber files, and additional documentation, Contact u‑blox.

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