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30 Aug 2011

Meizu high-definition smartphone for China includes u-blox GPS

Slim, feature-rich M9 Android phone delivers powerful multimedia features

The Meizu M9 Note

u blox’ ultra-sensitive GPS chip UBX-G6010-ST is at the heart of Meizu’s latest M9 multimedia smartphone with GPS

Thalwil, Switzerland and Guangdong, China – August 30, 2011 – u‑blox’ ultra-sensitive GPS chip UBX-G6010-ST is at the heart of Meizu’s latest M9 multimedia smartphone with GPS. Developed for the Chinese market, the M9 boasts a long list of attractive features including 3.54-inch high-resolution display with 16 million colors, multi-touch support, web browser, camera, HD media player, and 3D games.


It also includes out-of-the-box GPS features such as navigator, digital compass, and accelerometer. A vast library of location-based Apps can be downloaded via Google’s online Android Market.


"The sleek, light-weight M9 is our second generation smartphone which delivers the interactivity, powerful applications and vivid multimedia display that consumers in China demand,” said Mr Huang Botiao, Director at Meizu, “This includes a wide range of compelling location-based applications and services which require the highest-performance GPS receiver available. For the M9, u‑blox GPS technology was the clear choice.”


“Meizu has quickly established itself as an innovation leader for smartphone design in China” said Adrian Tan, General Manager of u-blox Asia, “Meizu’s choice of our u-blox 6 GPS chip was based on vital design criteria including chip size, sensitivity, quality, bill of materials, technical support, stand-alone and assisted-GPS operation. We are extremely pleased to meet their demanding expectations, and will continue to deliver our latest innovation to ensure the continued success of Meizu’s products.”


The Meizu M9 is available at dedicated stores throughout China, and has already met with huge success. For more information about the Meizu M9, visit the M9 webpage.


For more information about u-blox’ family of GPS chips, visit the product webpage.