Safe connected worker

Safeguarding the connected worker in industrial environments 

The risk level for workers at manufacturing plants or construction sites is high, particularly when working alone. Ensuring the safety of workers in these environments must be a primary goal. This safety encompasses various levels, from the tools workers use to emergency situations arising from equipment malfunctions unfamiliar to workers.

To ensure the safety of a worksite, measures should be taken not only within the place. The first step is to ensure that connected wearables or other connected solutions are accurate, reliable, and compliant with specific industry risk-level regulations and standards.

Second, providing workers with ergonomic and comfortable devices can prevent possible short- or long-term injuries. Lastly, it’s crucial to equip workers with wearables capable of monitoring changes in their surroundings that could potentially compromise their safety.

Connected worker safety not only impacts the worker itself. Leveraging connected worker technology can also positively affect revenue maximization, cost-effectiveness, and input for future solutions.

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