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Sunflower labs - 会飞的家庭安防系统未来

Sunflower Labs - The bee - Parts view

u‑blox SARA 平台如今也成为首选的蜂窝调制解调器,这是因为单个占地空间可提供2G、3G、LTE CAT M1和NB-IoT,从而可实现宝贵的灵活性。

Digital Matter的 Yabby是一款紧凑的、电池供电的IP67跟踪设备。它是小型资产安装或隐蔽位置安装的理想选择,并适合用于跟踪牲畜、托盘、小桶、工具、人员、包装、容器、集装箱等。

  • 可在全球范围内基于u‑blox SARA-R410M的LTE CAT M1和NB-IoT网络上运行
  • 高性能GNSS通过u‑blox EVA-M8Q提供精确定位
  • 延长电池寿命,长达3年
  • 3D加速计
  • 外形小巧,IP67防护等级

Sunflower Labs - Home Awareness System

The challenge & the solution

Despite a fully operating system, there are external factors influencing the performance. Gusty winds, in particular, can spoil easily a precise landing. The standard specs for drone landings of 5-meter accuracy were not good enough to enable their solution – even in favorable conditions. Sunflower was aiming for a drone that could operate 99 percent of the time. 

“What we were looking for was a seamless weather-proof solution, as the landing is the most critical element of the whole system. The ZED-F9P’s RTK setup, which relies on one GNSS receiver in the drone and another in the Hive, made it possible to achieve GPS accuracies down to the centimeter level, allowing the drone to get close enough to its landing station for the precision landing guidance to kick in. Also, the RTK in the Hive base station and the drone and the multiband offered faster convergence times which was the decisive factor for us to use u‑blox modules” says Nicolas de Palézieux, Head of Robotics at Sunflower Labs.

No one can change the weather, not even engineers. But thanks to the expertise of the Sunflower Labs’ team and the performance of the ZED-F9P and its multiband RTK technology, the Bee has been able to operate in virtually all weather conditions with the exception of extreme storms and hurricanes. What is clear is that Sunflower Labs has a flying future ahead, security drones are indeed on the way, and Sunflower Labs wants to be at the forefront of both the consumer and commercial markets.

The hive