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21 Apr 2022

u-blox Announces Results of Annual General Meeting 2021

Thalwil, Switzerland – 21 April 2022 – u-blox Holding AG (SIX:UBXN), a global leader in wireless and positioning technologies, announces the results related to the voting items of its 2021 Annual General Meeting (the “AGM”), which was held 20 April at the Company’s headquarters in Thalwil, Switzerland. Similar to the 2020 and 2019 AGMs, due to the continuing risks associated with COVID-19 and based on the extension of the COVID-19 Ordinance of the Swiss Federal Council, the 2021 AGM was also held without the physical presence of shareholders, who were able to exercise their rights and cast their votes through the independent proxy.

The shareholders approved all proposals of the Board of Directors (the “Board”):

  • Financial reports & appropriation of available profit: the annual report, financial statements and consolidated financial statements for 2021, and appropriation of available profit.
  • Capital decrease by nominal value reduction: the decrease of share capital through the reduction of the nominal value of each share by CHF 1.30 to CHF 13.50 in order to make a repayment to the shareholders in the amount of CHF 1.30 per share. The nominal value repayment is expected to be executed on 06 July 2022.
  • Virtual general assembly: the proposed change to the articles of association to permit the company, upon entry into force of the amendment to the stock law as of 2023, to organize virtual general assemblies.
  • Election of directors: re-election of Mr. André Müller as Chairman as well as Mr. Ulrich Looser, Mr. Markus Borchert, Mr. Thomas Seiler and Mr. Jean-Pierre Wyss as members of the Board. As announced in the 2021 invitation, Ms. Gina Domanig and Ms. Annette Rinck decided not to stand for re-election as members of the Board. Shareholders also elected Mr. Ulrich Looser and re-elected Mr. Borchert to the Nomination and Compensation Committee.
  • Board compensation: the compensation of the members of the Board for the period between the 2022 and the 2023 AGM, and compensation for the Executive Committee for the financial year 2023.

The complete agenda and explanatory notes, including all proposed resolutions presented at the AGM, as well as all related materials, are available on the Company’s website. The minutes of the AGM will be posted on the AGM page of the Company’s website within 1 week.

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Half year results 2022: 19 August, 2022
Analyst day: 22 November, 2022

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