Industrial Solutions

Usage based insurance device (ODB-II):

An insurance device can be implemented as an independent consumer installed unit, fitting into any vehicle’s on-board diagnostics (ODB) port, and thus can support the business model of a usage based insurance offering. By combining a cellular module (2G, 3G or LTE Cat1 depending on deployment region) with an untethered dead reckoning product (e.g. NEO-M8U) with best-in-class performance under weak signals, the solution will deliver a constant and reliable data stream on car usage and driver behavior.

LTE gateways and wireless routers

A u-blox wireless gateway solution is useful to developers of gateway solutions for professional markets, such as parking garage surveillance or road pricing. These solutions lead to shorter time to market and reduced risk thanks to a pre-integrated, validated and certified solution (hardware and software) as well as lower unit cost by exploiting the CPU and memory embedded in the module. In addition, such a solution delivers valuable features, such as voice, security, and antenna / RF co-existence.

The ideal solution for gateways and routers will contain an LTE Cat4+ module with a Wi-Fi

module and will include as key features: LTE Cat4+ US, EMEA & APAC SKUs, 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, 2.4GHz and 5GHz options, and RF co-existence between LTE and Wi-Fi.

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