08 Jan 2022

这就是我们瑞士人的精神 - 不断追求卓越

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Constantly pushing boundaries is challenging.

What three friends started in Switzerland more than 20 years ago has become an absolute technical novelty. We revolutionized the positioning market once, and we keep doing it again and again. Our most recent innovations in positioning have been adding higher precision into the systems, now down to centimeter level. Designed to last an IoT-lifetime, our award-winning UBX-R5 5G-ready chipsets are redefining the balance of power consumption and positioning accuracy along with IoT-Security-as-a-Service.

But we never stop there.

On top of that, we launched our tenth (!) generation of GNSS receivers. If you need to know precisely where you, your car, your dog, your grandfather, your child, or your container is parked or lost, or if you need to know where your shipment is - we are happy to help. Our customers around the world stand with us, as innovation breeds innovation.

And sometimes we are almost happy with our results.

Thus, we see autonomous lawnmowers requiring no fence, drones autonomously delivering vaccines, and major car brands demonstrating how the vehicles of the future will drive without a driver. This quest for perfection has been our pleasure, and for now, we are almost happy with our endeavors, but only almost.


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Sven Etzold

Head of Business Marketing

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