14 Mar 2024

NXP - u-blox | Using Wi-Fi 6 to maximize industrial and IoT applications.

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This webinar is produced in conjunction with our partner NXP


Date: Thursday, March 14, 2024

Time: 3PM - 4PM GMT

Duration: 1 hour

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What you will learn:

•    Overview of Industrial and IoT applications, where Wi-Fi 6 can maximize their potential
•    Technical details on platform solutions including information about SDK and security
•    Product information and feature capabilities of the related Wi-Fi 6 modules (IRIS-W1, MAYA-W2)
•    How to get started with your Wi-Fi 6 modules

In this technical webinar hosted by NXP in partnership with u-blox, you will get an overview of the applications and use cases (including Matter), where the Wi-Fi 6 technology can increase their potential. We will walk you through different system architectures pending application, security and connectivity needs. Finally, you will get tips on how to get started with Wi-Fi 6 by providing direct links on related EVKs, modules and technical documentation. 


Industrial & IOT​ Applications​ with Wi-Fi6
Platform solutions 
Product capabilities 
- Modules presentation
- Architecture overview
- Key Wi-Fi 6 ​IoT Features 
- IRIS-W1 – stand-alone Wi-Fi 6 module series
- MAYA-W2 – host-based Wi-Fi 6 module series  
How to get started 

Olivier Thivolet
Business Development Director, & Marketing Wireless Connectivity
NXP Semiconductors

Erik Carlberg
Product Line Manager, Product Strategy Short Range Radio

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