14 Mar 2024

u-blox and GPS World webinar: practical tips for reducing cost and complexity of RTK solutions

autonomous robot driving down a road

This webinar is produced in conjunction with GPS World Magazine.

Date: Thursday, March 14th, 2024
Time: 1:00 PM EDT
Duration: 1h

a small service robot down a city street at night

In this webinar, we will: 

  • Identify the complexities of scaling high precision GNSS and RTK technologies
  • Go beyond the correction data itself to uncover the hidden challenges of service delivery
  • Discuss key considerations between price versus performance
  • Learn how to speed up prototyping using plug-and-play hardware kits
  • Study actual case studies for ways to deploy and scale more easily
  • Look toward the future of high precision GNSS navigation applications

Get on the fast track with practical tips for reducing the complexity and operational cost of high precision GNSS and RTK technologies.

In this webinar, you'll examine price vs performance trade-offs with u-blox's own high-precision positioning expert Armin Forouharfard and Tallysman's Jo Botros.

Discover innovative and affordable ways to deploy and scale your centimeter-level navigation applications using real world examples. 

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