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23 四月 2020

Webinar: New to SARA-R5? Here’s what to expect when integrating LTE-M and NB-IoT modules

Despite their apparent similarities, IoT device development is not the same as traditional cellular product development. If you’re considering adding SARA-R5 to your product platforms, there are some useful things you should know first. This webinar will help you get up to speed and off to a good start!


09 四月 2020

Webinar: How to scale up your mesh network for massive deployment – US version

Over the past years, mesh technology has revolutionized the IoT. Now mesh continues to push that trend by playing a crucial role in the development of a smarter world. And it has become mature! In our webinar you will learn how to scale up your mesh network for massive deployment. Register on the link and learn how to enable a scalable, reliable, and cost-efficient IoT solution.


31 三月 2020

Webinar: Trust in a digital world

The nature of trust is going through an evolution as it becomes inherently tied to technology and our increasingly digital lives. The consequences are both wonderful and fearful. In this webinar by The Institution of Engineering and Technology you hear industry experts give their view on how to establish trust in a digital world.


05 三月 2020

Webinar: GNSS timing – what you need to know – part 2

With our GNSS receivers you are able to achieve great timing accuracy. To achieve this, the ZED-F9T module uses reference measurements against an atomic clock. We have assembled industry experts and real customer use cases to help you do just that.


19 二月 2020


在当今的互联世界里,数以百万计的无线设备不仅在我们的私人生活中随处可见,而且还在工业中广泛使用。因此,射频干扰给 GNSS 接收器的性能带来了有所未有的影响,甚至在最坏的情况下使其功能完全失效。请加入我们的网络研讨会,了解如何减轻射频干扰的影响,并提高您的 GNSS 性能。


19 二月 2020

网络研讨会:掌握 GNSS 授时 - 您需要了解的知识 - 第 1 部分

无论您是 GNSS 授时方面的新手,还是希望扩展您的 5G 视野,我们最新的网络研讨会系列都可以解答您的所有与 GNSS 授时相关的问题。在第一部分中,我们将介绍 GNSS 授时的基本知识以及我们为 5G 网络提供的专用授时模式的优点。


16 一月 2020

网络研讨会:如何扩展您的 Mesh 网络以进行大规模部署

敢与我们联系吗?我们期待与 Wirepas 一起在我们的网络研讨会上与您会面,探讨如何用最好的办法解决当今大规模物联网的挑战。您也可以提出您的所有问题,因此请马上报名参加这场互动式网络研讨会!


05 十二月 2019




18 十月 2019

网络研讨会:像专家一样轻松玩转 ZED-F9P

为何应关注我们的 u-blox F9 产品?因为它将 GNSS 精度提高到了新的水平,并为高精度导航、增强现实和无人驾驶车辆铺平了道路。请借此机会参加我们的网络研讨会,我们将介绍 ZED-F9P 技术亮点,并向您逐步说明如何开始使用我们的 C099-F9P 板。


05 九月 2019