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Value proposition

u‑blox’s unique, compelling and durable value proposition

Many of today’s megatrends are entirely dependent on connectivity and location-awareness. From smart cities to autonomous vehicles, and from Industry 4.0 to new health, everything hinges on knowing what is happening, when it is happening and where it is happening.

Millions of products are being manufactured for these markets every year. And that means there is enormous demand for precisely the capabilities u‑blox provides.

Our strength across the global industrial, automotive and consumer markets comes down to our unique blend of four things: our products, our services, their longevity and our commitment to leading the field through innovation.

Here is why we are so strongly positioned in each area:

Our broad product portfolio

With many megatrend products requiring both location-awareness and wireless communication capabilities, we give customers the convenience of one competent supplier for their positioning, cellular and short range technologies. Equally important, we have a range of products within our portfolio to service the many different applications that megatrends are made of.

Whether it is an automobile manufacturer creating a semi-autonomous car, or a designer crafting an autonomous lawnmower, we have chips and modules that deliver the right balance of form factor, capability, energy consumption and other critical features.

Complementary data services

A lot of our customers’ applications demand heightened levels of performance and security. This is where our services dovetail with our products, giving customers options such as faster or more-precise location readings to ensure data security, or the ability to remotely update devices in the field.

Long-term availability built to last

Many of our customers’ products are manufactured to last for many years and remain in use for many more. Therefore - component longevity is critical - both in terms of continuous availability and maintainability.

We build an increasing number of products using our own silicon. This means u‑blox customers are assured that the u‑blox product they choose today, or a newer but compatible newer version, will be available throughout the time they expect to produce their products.

Moreover, because older u‑blox products can easily be swapped for new-generation models, our customers can continually improve the performance and functionality of their own products over their manufacturing lifetimes, without costly redesign.

Meanwhile, services such as u‑blox Firmware Over The Air (FOTA), mean customers can further evolve or lock down their products, even after they leave the factory.

Our commitment to leading the way with research and development

Our ongoing commitment to R&D with an annual spend of more than CHF 78.9 million, makes all of this possible and enables us to create more and more of our products on our own silicon, so that we are in control of our critical components.

R&D drives our intellectual property value creation and is essential to our product differentiation, shaping them to become integral enablers of their long-term roadmaps.

The perfect blend for our customers

Our customers are the businesses creating the products that shape and respond to these modern megatrends. Our unique, compelling and sustainable value proposition is why our customer base now numbers more than 7,200 worldwide - and why hundreds of u‑blox customers have worked with us for more than a decade.