09 Jan 2022

Clone of LTE Cat 1

LTE Cat 1 是一种中速 LTE 标准,针对数据速度需求更高、功能更加丰富的 IoT 应用而设计。
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LTE Cat 1 是成本最低的 LTE 类别,仍然具有支持数据流和全移动性所需的速度。智能手机中最常见的 LTE Cat 4 及更高类别的高速 LTE 类别的功耗和成本更高。专为物联网 (IoT) 和机器对机器 (M2M) 应用开发的低速 LTE 类别可提供优化的长续航时间周期和更高的内部渗透率,但受到其低数据传输速率的限制。

什么是 LTE Cat 1?

LTE Cat 1 的下行链路速度为10 Mb/s,上行链路速度为 5 Mb/s,是众多功能更丰富的 M2M 和 IoT 应用的理想选择,包括需要视频流和语音支持的应用。为了确保 LTE 在世界各地推出时实现完整的人口和地理覆盖范围,大多数 LTE Cat 1 设备还支持 3G 和 2G 回退通信功能。

与 Cat 4 及更高类别的高速 4G LTE 类别相比,LTE Cat 1 具备以下特点:

  • 低功耗,扩展的空闲和睡眠模式
  • 低复杂性,从而降低成本结构

与 LTE-M 或 NB-IoT 等特定于物联网的技术相比,LTE Cat 1 支持:

  • 当前实施的 4G+ 高清语音 (VoLTE)
  • 数据流
  • 低延迟应用
  • 全球覆盖,因为其可以连接到任何 LTE 网络
  • 移动通信和交付



LTE-Cat1 Features


LTE-Cat1 Applications


Use cases making the most of LTE Cat 1

man with the tablet in smart factory

Industrial automation and monitoring

LTE Cat 1 technology offers sufficient data speeds and the low latency required for many industrial applications, such as process monitoring, process control, or access control systems. Video and voice support over VoLTE are also supported, such as for access control systems (remote door opening) and alarm services.

man in front of the fleet of trucks


Many basic aspects of a fleet’s vehicles and assets are already being monitored using cellular LTE coverage. Parameters of importance include mileage, location, stops, engine usage, hours of service, and diagnostic information for monitoring the condition of the vehicle. LTE Cat 1 provides cellular in-vehicle handover, which means connections aren't lost in a moving vehicle.

contactless payment via credit card

Payments and vending

Connected and portable POS systems, ATMs, and vending machines rely on low latency data communication to validate ATM or credit card information. LTE Cat 1’s low latency capability coupled with low power consumption make it very suitable for use in retail or hospitality applications.

street camera hanging on the lamp

Smart city / video surveillance

Many municipalities are using video surveillance and traffic cameras for public safety functions. Often it is difficult to connect these cameras through a wired connection. As a 3GPP-licensed technology, cellular connectivity provides reliable, secure service at speeds that are high enough to transmit high quality HD video.

woman setting up smart panel in her smart home

Smart buildings / smart home

Cat 1 technology has sufficient data speeds for many video surveillance use cases, while also supporting voice services via VoLTE (Voice over LTE). Many alarm services require a voice connection in case of an emergency and many home surveillance solutions make use of fixed‑position HD cameras connected to the cellular network, which allow people to monitor their homes, belongings and even pets, while they’re away from home.

patient in hospital hooked up to monitoring devices


VoLTE is also an important feature for many connected health applications, especially for stay-in-place solutions, outpatient monitoring and mobile medical alert systems, allowing seniors and others with medical needs to communicate directly with a service center or family member. In most regions, LTE Cat 1 has broad coverage through existing LTE networks, limiting concerns about gaps in connectivity.

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