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Firmly focused on our strategic objectives. As the IoT takes hold across our key markets, the importance of dependable connectivity and location‑awareness is at an all‑time high.

A comprehensive offering for the connected world

We remain sharply focused on our strategy to be the dynamic and reliable partner of the industry for innovative high-quality communications and positioning components and solutions (in the automotive, industrial and consumer markets).

With the Internet of Things (IoT) taking hold across these sectors, the importance of dependable connectivity and location-awareness is at an all-time high – and continuing to grow. This represents a fantastic opportunity that we are well-positioned to take advantage of. Thanks to our on-going drive to diversify our customer base, we have a major presence in key markets in the Americas, EMEA and APAC. Revenues are spread healthily across regions and clients, and maintaining this diversity will remain a key focus for our sales teams.

Products and services

Over many years, we have worked hard to develop a range of products and services that span positioning, cellular and short range communication capabilities. The breadth and comprehensive nature of our offering is unique in the market. We will continue to invest in this key differentiator, with a focus on making it quicker and easier for our customers to develop and launch their own products and services.

Our product portfolio, encompassing wireless positioning and communication technologies in both chips and modules, has always been at the heart of our business, and will remain so. We are continuing to invest in these technology areas. Alongside our chips and modules, we are developing solutions that combine products from across our product range. This will add further unique value for our customers, above and beyond our chips’ and modules’ selling points. It’s a key part of our mission to make it easier for customers to put u‑blox at the core of their designs.

To complement our chips and modules, and meet market demand in areas including high-precision positioning, security and the ability of GNSS devices to calculate their position extremely quickly, even in poor signal conditions, we are continuing to invest in our services portfolio. This part of our business is already delivering impressive results, and enables us to bring additional value to our products, which we can use to further differentiate u‑blox from the competition.

Security focus

As more devices – and particularly mission-critical ones – are connected to the Internet, market awareness of security is growing. Product vendors and service providers are realizing the importance of locking down everything from stand-alone components to the full, connected ecosystem.

Security is a complex area and one we have been investing in for several years, which puts us in a strong position to help our customers navigate the right path. Security will remain a key focus for us, and we have ambitious plans to expand our services in this area over the coming years.

Improving the way we operate

We pride ourselves in being reliable, both in terms of our products and the way we deliver them. For our customers, it’s essential they can trust us to deliver an order on the day we promise. We already have very good customer delivery reliability (99%). But we want to do even better. And that’s why we are continuously striving for operational excellence, looking at every aspect of our business to make it as responsive and resilient as possible.

To this end, we are further strengthening our operations by enhancing relationships with key suppliers, and by stringently managing component supply. Our strong financial position gives us the capacity to mitigate risks in the supply chain, and balance risks via the inventory cycle. This minimizes overall risk by ensuring that we are not reliant on any one supplier, and provides opportunities for us to optimize revenue.

In parallel, we are working hard to take more control over the core technology in our products. We have long used our own silicon in our positioning chips, and we are now fully able to do the same for our cellular portfolio. By developing our own silicon, we improve our resilience and give ourselves new opportunities to differentiate our cellular products and services. We already have our own LTE Cat 1 silicon on the market, and expect to see more results of this work in our cellular portfolio. 

Continuing to innovate

Innovation has long underpinned our success and we will continue to invest in our global R&D presence, to keep us ahead of the curve. This will involve making appropriate investments in talent and facilities.


Market position

Channeling products to the distinct needs of the automotive, industrial and consumer markets

Market position


Technology and innovation

Always pushing the envelope

Technology and innovation


Operational Excellence

Sustainably driving efficiencies that improve our customers’ experiences

Operational excellence


Strategic partnerships and acquisitions

Augmenting our capabilities and intellectual property

Strategic partnerships and acquisitions