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Selling cooking stoves with a pinch of IoT

Fleet management for a good cause

ADES cooking stoves are renowned for the dramatic improvements they offer to households that adopt them. They cut the amount of firewood needed (coal 50%, wood up to 70%) to prepare a meal in half, saving time and money. By burning wood more efficiently, they reduce the amount of smoke people, in particular women and children, are exposed to. Because they end up paying for themselves, the stoves have become immensely popular wherever they are sold.

In a country with around 60% of its population living in rural, and often very remote areas, getting the stoves to the villages and finding an opportunity to present how and why they make such a difference, can be quite challenging. ADES solved this problem in 2017 in the form of a sales platform on wheels. Since then, an ADES promotion truck has been touring the country, going from one village market to the next.

Today, ADES operates a fleet of vehicles that are often on the road for weeks at a time. With no real-time visibility on where each vehicle is located or what route they have taken, optimizing logistics and transportation capacity was becoming increasingly difficult.

To help ADES headquarters track their vehicles u‑blox donated vehicle trackers. The selected trackers, which feature u‑blox cellular and positioning products and offer a French-language tracking application, are produced by Geotab, based in Canada. In addition to the hardware, u‑blox has pledged to cover the yearly fees required to operate the devices.