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Vehicle‑to‑vehicle (V2V) and vehicle‑to‑infrastructure (V2I) wireless technologies, also known as Vehicle‑to‑everything (V2X), are paving the way to the transportation of the future, and ultimately autonomous driving. By allowing communication between vehicles and their surroundings, V2X improves road safety, reduces traffic congestion and energy consumption, while enhancing passenger experience and safety. Coupled with more conventional Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) technologies, such as radar sensors and cameras, V2X enables a 360° situational awareness with information such as the position, speed and direction of surrounding vehicles.

"While Cohda Wireless developed the MK5, a state‑of‑the‑art V2X radio module, we have decided to license its design in order to focus on software IP.  V2X communication is a growing exciting market and, by taking this step, we are looking forward to a closer cooperation with u‑blox ", explains Paul Gray, CEO of Cohda Wireless.

THEO‑P1 is a compact, automotive‑grade transceiver module facilitating development of electronics for V2X communication systems. Already with a strong market penetration, it addresses both equipment within vehicles (OBU‑On Board Units) and road infrastructure (RSU‑Road Side Units). THEO‑P1 delivers proven superior performance – it is based on 5.9 GHz radio link, a two‑way, short‑range wireless communications technology and is designed to work with vehicles at speeds up to 250 km/h and within a 1000 meter range. Cohda Wireless will continue to offer MK5 OBU and MK5 RSU products into V2X trials and low‑mid volume V2X deployments, but in future these will be based on the THEO‑P1.

"This is a very exciting move for us, since u‑blox is now at the forefront of both short range and positioning technologies for V2X solutions. As this market matures with an increasing number of new deployments, we can offer best‑of‑breed V2X solutions composed of our modules to address the requirements of both our automotive and infrastructure equipment customer base,"explains Herbert Blaser, Senior Director, Product Center Short Range Radio at u‑blox. "We are also convinced that conventional driver assistance solutions will significantly benefit from the adoption of V2X technologies."

THEO‑P1 will be exhibited at the 22nd ITS World Congress of Bordeaux (Oct. 5‑9), at the u‑blox booth #C11.

About u‑blox
Swiss u‑blox (SIX:UBXN) is a global leader in wireless and positioning semiconductors and modules for the automotive, industrial and consumer markets. Our solutions enable people, vehicles and machines to locate their exact position and communicate wirelessly over cellular and short range networks. With a broad portfolio of chips, modules and software solutions, u‑blox is uniquely positioned to empower OEMs to develop innovative solutions for the Internet of Things, quickly and cost‑effectively. With headquarters in Thalwil, Switzerland, u‑blox is globally present with offices in Europe, Asia and the USA.


About Cohda Wireless
Cohda Wireless is an equipment vendor in the Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C‑ITS) market. The company manufactures hardware products with acknowledged best‑in‑world performance. Cisco and NXP Semiconductors are strategic investors in Cohda Wireless. Cohda’s hardware and software products are being used in V2V and V2I field trials worldwide today. Customers include many carmakers, tier one suppliers, automotive chipmakers, road authorities and new market entrants. Cohda’s products are already used in the USA, Europe, Australia, Japan, and Korea. For more information, visit

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