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Products and services

Keeping a step ahead of the market

Our products and services – the fruits of our relentless focus on innovation – are fueling the ongoing digital revolution across our key markets


Our product and service development is guided by tangible market trends, input from our customers, and our own forecasts of our target sectors’ medium- and longer-term needs. Millions of people use connected wearables, cities are getting smarter, and cars are becoming safer and more automated. Our track record in anticipating market trends and successfully developing innovative products and services focused on our customers’ evolving needs is noteworthy.

Achievements in 2018

Cellular products

We have significantly expanded our cellular module offering, and today we provide one of the broadest offerings in the industry. In addition to modules for the still substantial business for legacy 2G and 3G standards, our product portfolio comprises solutions for all relevant LTE standards and their categories: NB-IoT, LTE-M, LTE Cat M1, and higher, including many models with fall-back capability to the legacy standards.

Meanwhile, our TOBY-L4 LTE Cat 6 module with its powerful open CPU for the automotive sector, launched in 2017, has been extremely popular with automotive OEMs, particularly in the electric vehicle (EV) space. We had numerous design wins during 2018 using the TOBY-L4, and the first cars incorporating this chip started production and are on the roads.

Following successful trials in 2017, we commenced the rollout of our Firmware Over The Air (FOTA) service. Less than a year after its launch, it is already deployed in the field on more than a million of our cellular modules.

Short-range communication products

The main highlight in short-range communication in 2018 has been the launch of our UBX-P3 vehicle-to-everything (V2X) chip. It expands the portfolio of products built on our own silicon and meets broad and fast-growing demand in the automotive market. In addition to being an important component of fully autonomous driving, V2X is taking on an ever-greater role in traditional and semi-autonomous vehicles, thereby increasing road safety. The UBX-P3 takes our commitment to shaping the future of active road safety and autonomous driving technologies to the next level.

Positioning and timing products

The ZED-F9P high precision positioning module was one of our biggest launches of 2018. By delivering cm-level accuracy within seconds, it is perfect for machine control, ground robotic vehicles and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Moreover, it will combine with the forthcoming Sapcorda correction data service from our joint venture with Bosch, Geo++, and Mitsubishi Electric. This will enable F9P customers to achieve high levels of precision anywhere in the world, which will create exciting new opportunities, particularly in automotive and industrial markets.

At the same time, we launched a sister product to the F9P, the ZED-F9T. This high-accuracy timing module achieves the nanosecond-level accuracy essential to 5G cellular infrastructure. With 5G set to flourish over the coming years and the necessity for significantly more base stations than 4G, we are strongly positioned to supply the chips that will underpin this revolution in communication networks.

Future focus

Our ongoing research and development efforts (see the Innovation section) continue to focus on enhancing the u‑blox product and service portfolio, with a particular emphasis on some key areas:


As always, security remains a critical pillar in our product and service development roadmap, and we continue to integrate security in hardware and software. Our newly announced partnership with the Kudelski Group, for example, will further enable us to offer some pioneering and sophisticated new capabilities in this space over the coming months and years.

Our Firmware Over the Air (FOTA) service is now active and enhancing our security offering by provideing an efficient way of quickly deploying new features and security patches to devices in the field. We are committed to continuing to enhance this offering to meet our global customers’ needs.

Our own silicon

It remains our goal to deliver products using our own silicon. This puts us in a unique industry position to deliver tomorrow’s solutions exactly addressing the needs of our customers. We have made substantial progress in recent years across our three product centers and will continue with this strategy as it drives strong financial and operational benefits while enabling the delivery of functionality, features, and services to our customers.

Adding more value by offering services

Services are becoming an increasingly important part of our offering, because they enable us to further differentiate our products by adding essential value for our customers. Whether it is to support increased security, higher location-accuracy, or complementary functionality, we will continue to identify and develop services that give our existing and future customers more reasons to choose u‑blox.