AWS IoT ExpressLink Multiradio development kit

Pre-provisioned with AWS cloud

  • AWS IoT ExpressLink with pre-provisioned AWS connectivity
  • Easy integration with high-level commands
  • Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n and Bluetooth Low Energy 5
  • USB-stick format for easy prototyping
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USB EVK for NORA-W256AWS AWS IoT ExpressLink SW PCB antenna, Multiradio (Wi-Fi, BLE)
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The USB-NORA-W256AWS development platform is based on the multiradio NORA-W256AWS module supporting Wi-Fi 4 (802.11 b/g/n) 2.4GHz and Bluetooth LE 5.0.

The development platform is designed with a USB interface to simplify prototyping directly from a PC. The host application communicates with the module using high-level AT-commands via a serial link over the USB.

The embedded AWS IoT ExpressLink-compliant software includes secure certificates that are pre-flashed on the module. This allows the module to provide “out of the box” connectivity with Amazon Web Services (AWS) with no effort from the customer. It also supports secure over-the air (OTA) updates of both the module firmware and the host application.

The NORA-W2 is very easy to integrate and the module can be used to design solutions with top-grade security, thanks to the built-in security capabilities of the module. The small size, embedded security, and the internal antenna make NORA-W2 ideal for any critical IoT application.

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