Bluetooth® Low Energy angle-of-arrival anchor point

Complete anchor point/locator for indoor positioning

  • Optimal combination between accuracy, cost, and power consumption
  • Fully compliant with Bluetooth LE 5.1 direction finding standard
  • Features u-blox ANT-B10 Bluetooth LE AOA antenna board
  • Ethernet and wireless connectivity for backhaul communications and configuration
  • Durable, water-resistant casing with variety of mounting options
Short Range

Product variants

u-locateAnchor B10

Bluetooth Low Energy angle-of-arrival anchor point for indoor positioning with ANT-B10 Bluetooth 5.1 direction finding antenna board

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The u-locateAnchor is the first complete anchor point offering from u-blox. An integral part of the comprehensive u-locate solution for indoor positioning, u-locateAnchor offers great performance down to 10 cm accuracy.

An embodiment of the u-blox world-leading positioning expertise, u-locateAnchor encompasses many years of research in the field of indoor positioning. It is packed with u-blox technology and products: It features the ANT-B10 antenna board for direction-finding, including the integrated NINA-B411 module that runs the advanced Bluetooth LE AoA algorithm. It also includes a host board with the IRIS-W106 module, which offers dual-band Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth connectivity, and a powerful CPU.

u-locateAnchor allows the highest possible flexibility. The user can choose between Ethernet and Wi-Fi backhaul interfaces and can supply power via Power-over-Ethernet or USB-C.

Installing, setting up, and configuring a complete indoor positioning system are complex and time-consuming tasks. The u-locate solution has been designed with the goal of simplifying these as a priority. u-locateAnchor addresses this by means of its NFC chip for easy configuration and provisioning via the u-locate mobile app and with its inertial measurement unit (IMU) for detailed and automated anchor orientation.

Indoor, industrial environments can be challenging. Therefore, u-locateAnchor features an IP44 rated enclosure, offering great protection against solid objects and water resistance. Furthermore, it allows a variety of mounting options for walls, ceilings, pipes, and camera tripod mounts for even the most detailed orientation adjustments.

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